Great Plains BioScience

About Great Plains BioSciences Group, LLC

Great Plains BioSciences Group (GPBG) was formed more than twenty years ago to provide clean tech project development solutions in a variety of areas:
Great Plains BioScience

Renewable, low-carbon energy and fuels; resilient, distributed power generation; Public Works infrastructure Hardening; water resources conservation and protection; resilient agricultural programs and more, with Frank Parker as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). GPBG serves a range of institutions, agricultural and manufacturing industries, State and Federal Agencies (DOD, DOE, DOJ, USMA, USMC) and international clients.

GPBG has collaboration agreements with international leaders in wastewater treatment, water resources recovery and conservation sciences. GPBG and its partners have published numerous white papers in these regards furthering the technologies. Some of those collaborators include Creative Environmental Systems, Global Aquatic BioSciences, Inc, and Noyes and Associates.

The GPBG Team recognized the need for high efficiency, modular and self-contained Wastewater Treatment Systems which can be utilized in remote or Public Works – stranded communities.

System applications include subdivisions, factories, resorts, US DOD Posts/Bases/Training Grounds, developing countries, and ultimately, anywhere without adequate municipal wastewater services.

GPBG’s resulting modular packaged wastewater systems achieve reuse-quality discharge water, minimize energy usage, costs, and maintenance, and can be integrated with GPBG’s Storm-Proof (“Hardened”) and Microgrid Power systems.

Frank Parker has served as researcher, consultant and contractor to Industry and the US DOD, DOE and DOJ for 40+ years. His Rapid Deployment Integrated Utilities Plant (“RDIUP”) modular Public Works systems for Forward Area Combat Deployments received the US DOD’s Nunn-Perry Award for its superior technological benefits and cost effectiveness, making GPBG a First-choice Best Value in Federal projects.